Question 1: Do I need a License to Order from Radisson Firearms?

Answer 1: At Radisson Firearms, you can place an order and get it delivered discreetly Worldwide without any form of Paperwork. We can also ship to your house address as well as your local FFL.

Question 2: What are the Shipping rates at Radisson Firearms?

Answer 2: We offer overnight delivery within all US States and nearby territories at $50. For a normal 3-day shipping, the charge is $24.99. All packages shipped to countries apart from USA and its nearby territories do have $44.99 shipping charge.

Question 3: Are the products approved?

Answer 3: All our products are of the best quality and officially approved by the best in the field. We do provide genuine new firearms and Ammo in box.

Question 4: How Can I pay for my products without any trace?

Answer 4: At Radisson Firearms we do provide discreet payment methods for customer privacy and security. We do accept Bitcoin Payments since it has end to end encryption and also Wire Bank Transfers to a secure account.

Question 5 : How do packages Look like?”

Answer 5: They either come in boxes sealed or dismantled and hidden in vacuums so the real content of the package is not known for customers without a License. Our customer”s privacy is our priority so therefore all packages are discreetly registered for shipping.

Question 6: What are your refund policies?

Answer 6 : We offer full refunds without any questions if the package gets lost which is caused by us. We do NOT offer refunds if the package was shipped to a wrong address you provided. So, always make sure to type in your contact info correctly.

Question 7: What Shipping agencies do you use?

Answer 7: Radisson Firearms uses FedEx, TNT, DHL, AEC. They provide the best discreet services for all packages.

Question 8: What do i do if my package is delayed or held by customs?

Answer 8: If your order is held by the custom authorities  and you do not receive your package, please contact us and we will get to know more why your package is being held.  note that If the package gets thrown away or seized by custom authorities, we will not send a new package or initiate a refund till we have the package which was seized.